As I adjust my blog to include lots of photos & information about floats, I decided to add another page highlighting some really amazing, rare floats from a fellow collector.  Stu Farnsworth has been a great friend, & mentor to me since I began collecting.  Below are some floats from his spectacular collection that has been evolving for over 30 years!  Enjoy!!

Collection to TO Diamond floats.
Rare grooved roller with sea debris.

Colored roller collection with Hokkaido rollers on top &
Tohoku rollers on the bottom.

Rare Russian floats....Sickle & Hammer, Star with a Dot &
the 3. mark.

Super squashy float.

A rare Hinode Sakura float, which means sunrise in a cherry
blossom.  There are only 2 or 3 known examples.

Beautiful Mexican Swirl

Purple Tohoku

Teal Blue Tohoku Roller

Uber rare, genuine orange Japanese float.  This gem was beachcombed
by the grandmother of Stu's wife on the Oregon Coast in 1934.

Pretty blues.

Hokuyo contemporary

Colored Euros

Lovely, bright green floats.

Beautiful cranberry colored floats.  One with a wooden tag.

Fantastic, well-used, sun-turned LT Euro that was a gift to Stu
from another collector & friend.

Stu's 6 hash tri-mold.  I happened to give him this years ago
for helping me learn about floats.  It's the only one I ever found.

This float is supposed to have been blown by the late Yoji Asahara,
or his son & came from Mr. Asahara's personal collection.  The pink
represents cherry blossoms & the rest of the glass is light blue.

Sea green, crudely made, early Taiwanese float with the
pie crust seal.

Very early Russian float with a snakeskin like texture, a bold
1 stamped in the side of the float & baseball size.


  1. I think I have a couple of these. Not sure....I have 21 3 inch and a couple have 2 and 3 hash marks. I have a green 10 inch one that looks like F..F.. one of the F's are backwards.

  2. I found a float that looks just like your japanese float pictured it's the green one with a star on it. It has three cast marks as well. Can you tell me anything about it?

  3. I have a really large dark green one with asian characters. With the rope surround. No middle seam on the glass float. How can I find out the value of it?