2.19.14 ~ These are photos of various Japanese glass fishing floats.  Some are from my collection, others are from the collections of fellow collectors.  This is merely a sample of what is out there.  As time progresses, I will add photos & update this page.

Originally thought to be Taiwanese, but now believed to be
Japanese.  This 11" diameter float has water inside with
no visible damage.  It is in my collection.
45" Steel Blue Float
Japanese Tri-Mold with an Uncommon Mark

Japanese Tri-Mold with an Uncommon Mark.  I beachcombed
this one in Alaska.  It's in my collection.

10" diameter Hokuyo float in my collection

Orange Snakeskin float.  These were made for octopus fishing,
but this particular one never saw the ocean.  It was once in my
collection & now resides with another collector.

Bubble Sausage with a pink hue.  A relatively recent find in Japan.