Tuesday, December 21, 2010

hApPy HoLiDayS from the bEaCh!!

Is it just me, or did Christmas sneak up on us?? This year has gone by incredibly fast!! I do believe what they say...."The older you get, the faster time flies by".

I am so thankful I get to spend the holidays with my family. I am leaving tomorrow to celebrate Christmas in the great state of Oklahoma! Family is so important & I have been blessed with an amazing one!

When I return from my trip, I'll have a new post about floats! I also have a new business opportunity that I'm really excited about. I'll share that with you soon!

And....here is my version of a Driftwood Christmas tree!

Monday, December 6, 2010

8 Blocks

I finally made it to my new home along the Oregon coast! And I am a mere 8 blocks to the beach. I have been there almost every day with my dogs! I have already picked up almost 75 sand dollars! And, I have taken photos of magnificent sunsets.

I feel so revived & re-energized now. It was the change I certainly needed in my life to move forward, clear my mind & start working towards new things! Although, now my mind is beginning to get filled with other ideas & inspiration!

I have been working on my glass fishing float business in between walks, unpacking & exploring. I have already made lots of great connections & I believe I'm going in the right direction!

With that being said, I'd like to share some photos of the area that I've taken the past 2 weeks. I will do a post about glass floats soon!


Ecola State Park

Cannon Beach

Del Rey Beach

The beach at Seaside