Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm FINALLY moving to the BEACH!!!!

Many of you don't know this, but I have been trying to sell my house & move for just over a year. Well, I finally sold it & I'm gettin' out of here!!! So long to the cold, dark, loooooong winters & hello to the Oregon coast!!! I'm leaving on November 13th & driving 800 miles to Haines, AK, catching the ferry on the 15th, arriving in Bellingham, WA on the 19th & driving another 300 miles to the Oregon coast! And, being the independent woman I am, I am doing this all alone. Well, I will have the dogs & the cat with me, but no human is accompanying me! I am SO thrilled, but not so thrilled with packing. And, if you can only imagine......I have hundreds of glass fishing floats to drag with me! I just finished wrapping & boxing up about 300 floats that are in my personal collection. Let me tell you........although I adore my floats, they are a total pain in the hiney to pack!!

I packed all of these & many more.............

So, with that said, my time is limited for the next few weeks. However, I will have lots more time after I'm gone, as I am having someone manage my business in Alaska & I will be able to focus more on my blog, my Etsy shop, my website & all things associated with glass fishing floats. And, as you know, that is my passion & it makes me SO happy to know that I will be able to do that!!

I leave you with a quick lesson on different colors of swirls in glass fishing floats & photos from those I have in my collection.

Swirls are simply caused by different colors of glass getting mixed in during the glass blowing process. Often a different color of glass is on the rod the glass blower is using & as the float is getting blown, the other color forms swirls around the circumference of the glass.

Here are some examples.

And finally, I just want to ramble on about something I think is quite important. It's true what they say...."If life hands you lemons, make lemonade". I have had a not-so fabulous past few years. Life has tossed me some curve balls & believe me, I had my share of pity parties, cried plenty of tears & been really ticked off at the world. Through all of that, many lessons have been learned. I am a much stronger person. I regained the spirit I thought I had lost, gained the self-confidence I thought I would never get back & I am more determined than ever to fulfill the dreams & goals I currently have & even some of those I forgot about for a while. If you are reading this & something about what I am saying sounds familiar, I encourage you to put on your BIG GIRL PANTIES (or boxers - just say NO to tighty whities) & fight for your life!!! Life really is short & it seems as if we get caught up trying to please everyone else that we forget to please ourselves. Anyway, that's really all I have to say. It was just on my mind.

I leave you with this.......


  1. Oh, all neatly wrapped up just the way I imagined it. And thanks for the little swirly lesson. Now, I wish you a great, great trip to your destination!!

  2. Awesome post. Love the lesson on the swirls...and lastly - how exciting you are venturing onto a new chapter in your life. Have a great trip and I look forward to hearing more about your journey!

  3. You won't regret it, what an adventure!

    Do tell me the 300 floats are not going in the car with you... you are letting nice strong lads put them in their truck once you have packed them safely?

  4. Hello ladies...

    Yes, I am very excited with a bit of nervousness in the mix. Just looking forward to the new chapter!!

    @ Tricia Rose....The 300 floats are going in an enclosed cargo trailer I purchased & they are being barged down. They take up a good chunk of space in my trailer, but at least they will be secure. And, I guess if the barge sinks, someone will enjoy beachcombing an amazing collection of glass floats off the Alaska or BC coasts!! Let's hope that DOES NOT happen!! I guess everything I own would be lost as well. That would be bad!

    The ferry has internet access, so that is very good. I will probably do a post from there.

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Kamichia :)

  5. Hi Kamichia-

    Wonderful post. Moving can be a pain, but soon it will be all in the past. Best Wishes on your new adventure.

  6. Sounds like a great adventure to take. Congratulations! I'd love to live closer to the water full time!

  7. I wish you the best of luck on your journey. Sounds very exciting! Thanks for the lesson on the swirls. Love those!

  8. How exciting! I love your positive attitude and to encourage others to put on their big girl panties - I know exactly what you mean. We picked up and moved to the SW Washington coast (barely 40 minutes north of the Oregon Coast) two years ago and have never looked back.

    Best wishes to you on your journey - I look forward to reading about your continuing adventures.

  9. Bravo!
    So happy for you.
    You will love your new life!!

  10. Sounds like positive changes are coming your way!!! Yippee:)

  11. This sounds like a really exciting adventure for you :-) So great that you're moving to the beach - I hope you'll discover a great glass float spot in Oregon!

    The lime green float arrived and I love it :-) Now I want a float with swirls!


  12. What a completely wonderful post. I'm inspired by your wisdom, your determination, & your willingness to embrace change.

    I hope this move is the beginning of a wonderful new adventure, the best one of your life.

    Peaceful, happy day!

  13. Hi! Wow. That's really inspiring. I've been searching for some people who would buy my house (Houston) too. You really did it yourself? I'm also thinking of doing some resigning the interior to attract potential buyers. Watcha think? My brother however, suggested I call someone who know how to sell house (Houston) so it would be faster. I'm hoping to get it sold by early next year. I think those glass fishing floats would do some trick. Ha! Thanks for sharing your works.