After moving to Alaska from the Midwest, I found myself seeing these glass ball things hanging in stores & in people's houses.  I asked about them and I was told how they had once been used in Japanese fishing nets & ended up traveling hundreds, & possibly thousands, of miles on the ocean currents until they were tossed ashore on Alaskan beaches.  I was instantly fascinated & my goal was to one day go beachcombing for these unique treasures!  I never bought a float & kept waiting until I had my chance.  Well, about 7 years later, I had the chance.   We flew down to a friends hunting lodge towards Nelson Lagoon, Alaska in June 2005.  We flew to the beach & began our search.  It was like an Easter egg hunt!  It was so exciting & before I knew it, I was finding them everywhere.  I found some buried in the sand, some lying in the beach grass, 2 were in the middle of an old tire & a few were just sitting on the beach like they had just been waiting for me!!!  Unfortunately, the weather began to look dreary so we were only able to stay for about 45 minutes.  We were able to find about 20 floats & I thought it was the greatest thing ever!  I mean, how cool is it to find something that has been at sea for who knows how long???

Here are some photos from that day.

My first float!  6.18.05
Whoa...I was so young!!

My treasures!
Here's one hiding in the beach grass.

My collection a few years back when I was in AK.