Monday, June 14, 2010

Some Floats from My Collection...

I do have a substantial collection of glass fishing floats, but below are a few of my "fancy" floats!!

This is a Rare Orange Snakeskin & yes, it is an authentic glass float! These types of floats were used in Japan in the octopus fishery primarily in the 1960's. They were encased in a stainless steel wire cage & attached to a metal jig with numerous hooks, then submerged deep into the ocean. The thought behind the color is that it would help to attract the octopus. They also come in red, yellow, blue & green. This float hasn't been used. It was found in an abandoned shed in Japan. I purchased it from another collector last year. It is, by far, my favorite float because orange is my favorite color!! A yellow snakeskin is known to have been beachcombed along the Oregon coast in 2003 & I had someone write me 2 years ago about a blue one that had been found along the British Columbia coast. Sadly, most are probably lost at the bottom of the ocean.

This is a 14" diameter float with Cobalt Blue Swirls. The swirls are created when another color of glass gets mixed in during the glass blowing process. This is a hand blown Japanese glass fishing float. I acquired it from another collector a couple of years ago. The net on it is original. Isn't it amazing????

This is a Rare Kanji Roller. I found it in an antique store along the Oregon Coast. It is a version of the Tohoku roller. It has a combination of kanji & katakana symbols. It is believed that when translated, it means "special picture".

I have many, many more fabulous floats, but I will post more another time. If you'd like to see some additional photos of floats in my collection now, you can visit my website.


  1. Orange is my favorite punch color! The float looks like a work of glass art for sure -gorgeous! And I love when they come with the netting..., I wonder how that can survive for 30 years or so in the water!?

  2. Your float are fascinating! I doubt I will fly up the coast finding them, so forgive me if I tag along with you~

  3. Oh the orange one is fantastic! But I do love the ones with the rope on them. I seem to be drawn to the blues and greens but always fun to have a pop of color too.