Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lucky Ducks....

As some of you may know, finding a glass fishing float on the beach is typically a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I have many people write me & tell me about their experiences & how they have scoured the beaches for years in search of the elusive glass fishing float. For many on the West coast, this spring, the ocean has washed many floats onto shore compliments of the strong west winds & stormy weather. Several people have said they braved the wind & weather just to be the first on the beach at high tide to see what might have washed ashore. Here is a photo from a fellow beachcomber. He found this float along the Washington coast in his "top secret" location! They found 3 that day.

Here is another photo of a float as they found it on the beach on a different day. This float was at the high tide line, along with lots of driftwood, garbage & even a shoe! These 2 photos were taken by R. Hannigen.

Another lucky beachcomber sent me the following photo. She & her daughter found these between March 27th & April 1st of this year. The large green float, known as a "garbage ball", was found out to sea just off the coast near Newport, OR. The 2 on the bottom left were found on the beach near the Peter Iredale shipwreck near Warrenton, OR. Photo by E. McMaster.

Well, I feel very fortunate that out of all the times I have gone in search of glass floats, I have always found many. The most I have ever brought home at once was just over 1,000 & we picked those up in 2 days! The sea still has millions of glass floats riding the ocean currents. And, there are still millions in Japan that sit abandoned in old gear sheds & piled up in garbage dumps.

Here are a couple of photos from a beachcombing trip near Cold Bay in May 2008. It was quite successful & most fabulous!! The photo below was actually taken in a dune behind the beach. Often the surf tosses the floats many yards off the beach. Near Cold Bay, we found a lot of floats off of the beach in various locations. I know there were many more buried in the sand, but it would take far too long to search for them all!

Mr. Brown Bear nearly stepped on this beauty! If you go beachcombing in the spring, you have to take a big gun! There are all kinds of critters running around!

I will post information soon about how to determine an authentic float from a "fake" or reproduction float. Feel free to contact me with any questions! I am always happy to share my knowledge whenever I can.


  1. This is amazing. I would DIE if I could find even one of these!

  2. @ Beach Vintage

    You live in Australia, right?? I know floats are beachcombed there. The floats found are primarily European. Matter of fact, not long ago, I had someone write & tell me that they found a float off of the coast somewhere. I want to say it was Queensland, but I could be wrong.

    It is pretty amazing to find them. They are so unique & very cool!! Of course, I'm biased! :)

  3. That green float is Huge! I had no idea these could be found on the west coast. so cool!

    Oh...and I laughed really hard at your beer comment on my blog. I probably would have sold more if I was selling beer too :)

  4. kylie...

    i was hoping no one would think it was crude to mention that! it was just kind of funny that the sign was in the background. i'm sure i was the only one that noticed!

    yes, glass floats were made up to 18" in diameter & as small as 1.5". i happen have the full spectrum of sizes.

    i'm working on a new post. should have it up soon.

  5. I'm stuck here on the prairies and would give just about anything to comb a beach! I live vicariously through you beachcombers.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and posting these BEAUTIFUL pictures.

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